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MADE WITH LOVE FOR ALL MOTHERKIND Unsere Kleidungsstucke werden gemacht fur die fantastische und wichtige Aufgabe, Mutter zu sein. Diese Aufgabe ist mit bestimmten Anspruchen an den Komfort und an die Funktion der Kleidung verbunden. Fur uns ist auch mehr als selbstverstandlich: Es handelt sich um eine Aufgabe, bei der in Sachen Schwangerschaftsmode Sorge walten muss fur die Zukunft und fur die Welt, in der die kunftigen Generationen leben werden. Deshalb wollen wir moglichst umweltvertraglich arbeiten und tragen bei der Herstellung unserer Schwangerschaftsmode Sorge fur die Menschen und fur die Umwelt, die vom Produktionsprozess beruhrt sind. WIR SIND FUR SIE DA Sie wollen online shoppen oder das nachste Geschaft mit Boob-Produkten finden ? Sie haben Fragen zur Pflege unserer Kleidung , zur Nachhaltigkeit der verwendeten Materialien oder zur Lieferzeit ?

This card has no expiration date. The unused value of lost, stolen or damaged cards can be replaced with required proof of purchase. See store for details. Receipts for purchases made with this card will show the remaining card balance.

What a Jewel Online Gift Shop #Giveaway by Elizabeth in Product Review What a Jewel is a Canadian online gift shop based out of Toronto, Ontario specializing in high quality and unique gifts. Their focus is on gifts for babies and childrens, but they have a wonderful selection of gifts for men, women and the home. Many of the great gifts they stock cannot be found in large Big Box stores and so are truly unique. I love that although What a Jewel sources products from many companies around the world, they are still a proudly Canadian company and stock a large assortment of products made right here in Canada. It is also easy to shop among just the products made in Canada thanks to the Made in Canada tab. I was given the opportunity to do a little gift shipping on What a Jewel and picked out the Janod Alphabet Train, a black Warm Buddy Little Buddy Bear, a Babywrapper in pink, and Barefoot Venus Bath Soak Bliss as a treat for myself. As soon as I saw the Warm Buddy Little Buddy Bear I knew it was the perfect gift for Keira. As Ive said before, she just loves her stuffies, especially her Bears. All of whom are named Bear. Which is not at all confusing when she starts crying for Bear. Not at all. but I digress. Warm Buddy is a Canadian company that has been manufacturing warm-up plush animals since 1996. The Warm Buddy Little Buddy Bear is 11 tall and perfect for a little toddler to wrap his or her arms around. They come with a small removable inner pack that can be warmed in the microwave or cooled in the freezer and feature super soft fur. The little buddy bear is so cozy and comforting, he is perfect for snuggling up against and a really awesome, safe replacement for a hot water bottle. Babywrappers are a unique way to protect you from getting wet and a quick, handy way to dry baby off after a bath. The Babywrapper hangs around your neck like an apron and leaves your hands free to wash baby. Then when you are done just pick the baby up and place them on your chest using your free hand to bring the bottom of the babywrapper up to dry baby off.


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